Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What is the SAT I test?

I keep hearing about the SAT I test. What is it? How is it any different from the SAT test?

The SAT I, the SAT 1 and the SAT i are all the same thing. What? Different people refer to the test in different ways, but it is the plain regular SAT test.

The SAT test is for all high school students that need a SAT score to submit for college applications. Some schools prefer the SAT and some the ACT. You should check with your desired school to find our their preference in advance or just take both tests.
The SAT test is referred to as the SAT 1 because there is also an SAT 2. Most people haven't heard of the SAT 2 - but basically it is separate subject tests that some schools may require to test competency in a specific area like Chemistry or Latin.

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